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Table and Glasses

The wines of the Langhe are authentic expressions of the territory and encapsulate the essence of a rich and generous land. In our Blog, we will guide you to discover Piedmontese wines, exploring the characteristics that make them unique and the grape varieties that have made this region famous worldwide. Local wineries, guardians of a centuries-old tradition, are the places where renowned labels are born, the result of a skillful combination of innovation and respect for tradition. Our mission is to introduce you to these stories, revealing the secrets of Piedmontese viticulture and accompanying you on a journey through the aromas and flavors that have shaped the history of Italian wine.

But Piedmont is not just wine. The dishes that characterize it are equally important and beloved: from the precious and rare truffle to the typical products of the territory, every bite is a tribute to the gastronomic richness of the region, well represented by the Fàula Ristorante and the Sorì Cocktail Bar of Casa di Langa, where you can experience unique culinary experiences.

We invite you to follow us on this food and wine journey: each article will be a piece to better understand the art and science behind a glass of wine and the dishes of Piedmontese cuisine.

Piedmont Wines: History and Key Grape Varieties