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Entspannen Sie sich, tanken Sie Kraft und finden Sie Ihr Gleichgewicht und Ihre Konzentration in unserem Spa in den Langhe wieder.

Lelòse ist das ökologische Wellness-Zentrum von Casa di Langa, in dem das handwerkliche Können, die Rituale und die natürlichen Inhaltsstoffe von Comfort Zone im Einklang mit nachhaltigen Praktiken eingesetzt werden, um dank der „sauberen“ Rezepturen, die Körper und Geist nähren, die bestmögliche Regenerationserfahrung zu schaffen.

Comfort Zone, eine italienische Kosmetikmarke, ist ein B-corp-Unternehmen und seine Produkte sind „Vegan“ und ECOCERT / COSMOS ORGANIC für die Linie Bio Sacred Nature zertifiziert.



Ab 2024 Lelòse bietet außerdem die ökologische und vegane Hautpflegelinie INSÍUM an, die Marke Made in Italy, deren Name aus dem alten Friaul („Traum“) und dem Lateinischen „in somnum“ stammt.

Der Wellness Bereich ist jeden Tag Reservierbar , nach vereinbarung von 09:00 bis 20:00 Uhr(Letzter eintritt um 19:00 Uhr)
Das Wellness-Programm dauert 50 Minuten und Enthàlt:Jacuzzi Whirpool,Finnische Sauna , Schottische Dusche , Ruhebereich.
Alles Begleit von Krautertee , Aufgùsse und TrockenFruchten.
Betreueng und Behandlungen : unsere Therepeuten stehen zur Verfùgung , Bei reservierung Von Montag bis Freitag Von 12:00 bis 20:00 Uhr, Samstag und Sonntag Von 10:00 bis 20:00 Uhr.



Erkunden Sie den Abschnitt SPEZIALPAKETE auf der Website, um unsere besten Wellnessangebote zu entdecken


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Face   Face



Sublime Skin

50 min € 120.00

Anti-aging redensifying and lifting facial and décolleté treatment. Restores fullness and redefines facial volumes.





Active Pureness

50 min € 120.00

A deep cleansing featuring an innovative mattifying peel-off mask. Intense and gentle, it purifies and normalizes, leaving skin fresh and firm.






50 min € 120.00

Deeply moisturizing and antioxidant treatment for face, neck and décolleté. Leaves skin moisturized and silky by restoring firmness, nourishment and radiance through specific brush application of the mask and exclusive massage.






50 min € 120.00

Renewing, fortifying and soothing treatment recommended for sensitive, fragile skin prone to redness. Exclusive Remedy massage using jade stones helps detoxify and restore skin health and beauty.





Sacred Nature Regenerative Hydra

50 min € 120.00

Revitalizing antioxidant facial treatment for instant radiance. With sustainable cosmetic products for all skin types, it provides pleasant and visible freshness and vitality.





Timeless Beauty Facial

75 min € 240.00

A powerful and luxurious facial treatment that works by deeply stimulating the skin renewal process. The powerful INSÌUM BOOSTER COMPLEX has a global anti-ageing action. It donates immediate radiance, reducing the signs of ageing like fine lines and deep wrinkles, loss of tone and elasticity and dyschromia due to hyper-pigmentation. A mix of biotechnological and plant actives, that also promotes collagen synthesis, improving cell turnover for younger-looking skin, visibly regenerated and radiant.


Instant Radiance Facial

75 min € 170.00

A treatment that combines the INSÌUM philosophy with the ancient Gua Sha technique to improve the circulation and metabolism of the skin, giving instant hydration and radiance. It revitalizes dull skin and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. The mix of active ingredients, such as pure Vitamin C Powder, Hyaluronic Acid, Oxygenating Yeasts and Five Fermented Essential Minerals, gives a radiant, fresh-looking complexion.


Calm & Restore Comfort Facial

75 min € 170.00

Soothing and de-reddening treatment specifically for irritated, fragile or reactive skin with distilled Waters of Fig and Lemon Peel. In addition, thanks to Extracts of Sea Chamomile, Prebiotics and Hyaluronic Acid with different molecular weights, it improves hydration, relieves skin with a tendency to rosacea and fortifies the skin by reducing sensitivity and counteracting irritation and ageing processes. This facial treatment gives a fresh, firm and protected complexion.


Intense Eye Treatment

30 min € 110.00

Treatment focused on the delicate eye contour area that provides immediate relief to tired eyes. Restructuring ingredients and biomimetic peptides favor the re-densification of this thin and fragile area, alleviate eyelid swelling with a decongesting effect, activate the microcirculation that combats dark circles and give an immediate lifting puffiness with a decongestant effect, activate microcirculation to counteract dark circles, and provide immediately perceptible lifting effect.

body   Body

Back and Neck

30 min € 70.00

Specific massage for back and neck.



Face, Head and Neck

30 min € 70.00

Full face, neck and scalp massage that gives a deep sense of relaxation.



Aromasoul Scrub

30 min € 70.00

Exfoliating and detoxifying scrub with volcanic powder.



Lymphatic Drainage

50 min € 130.00

Full body massage that promotes the elimination of toxins and improves circulation.




50 min € 120.00

A massage to relieve tension, stress and reduce water retention during pregnancy. Natural coconut or almond oil without essential oils is used for the massage.



Foot Reflexology

30 min € 60.00

Treatment of the active points identified by reflexology from the foot to the knee according to the Chinese tradition, restore the balance of the body, remove tension, stress and help the circulation of the lower limbs.

wellness for couples   Beauty


75 min € 75.00

with nail polish.




75 min € 75.00

with nail polish.




15 min € 25.00

30 min € 50.00

60 min € 80.00

Complete, partial or small areas epilation with natural waxes.



Light legs

30 min € 60.00

Draining massage for legs with cryo gel application.



Detox & Drain

50 min € 120.00

Intensive detoxifying, draining treatment using thermal mud and essential oils

rituals   Rituals

Tranquillity™ Ritual

50 min € 120.00

75 min € 150.00

Relaxing aromatic nourishing face and body massage, relieves tension for a pleasant experience of well-being and deep relaxation.



Casa di Langa Ritual

50 min € 120.00

75 min € 150.00

An invigorating head and body massage with Casa di Langa honey and Piedmontese hazelnut oil. This treatment merges the detoxifying and nourishing action of honey with antioxidants, the remineralizing and rebalancing power of hazelnut oil, releasing its typical sweet aroma.



Salt Massage

50 min € 120.00

75 min € 150.00

An ancient ritual that begins with warm Himalayan salt stones gliding over the body to relieve tension, stress and anxieties.
A Himalayan salt pack and aromatic nourishing oils are applied for complete body detoxification, relieving aches and pains, and stimulating metabolism restoring vitality and balance.



Deep Tissue

50 min € 130.00

75 min € 160.00

De-contracting massage to increase flexibility and mobility through this gentle, deep muscle stretching that also benefits proper structure maintenance.



Oriental Ritual

50 min € 120.00

75 min € 150.00

Inspired by oriental massage techniques, with acupressure and touch. It acts on the body meridians by restoring the natural balance of energies. Starts with the head, release tensions and energize.

mindfulness   Mindfulness


60 min € 160.00

Yoga means connection. In Yoga and meditation, the deep listening through the asana (postures) and the pranayama (breathing techniques) is key for an integrated practice between experience and theory that contributes to grant physical and psychological health towards a spiritual end in the path of individual commitment, of everyday challenges, of work, of relationships, etc.

Price is valid for 1 to 2 people (additional charge will be applied for more than 2 people).




60 min € 130.00

Strengthen and raise body awareness with this popular training method. You’ll improve posture and stability through a series of exercises in which concentration, control, fluidity, precision and breathing are key elements.

Price is valid for 1 to 2 people (additional charge will be applied for more than 2 people).