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Garden Tour


Welcome to the scents and aromas of Casa di Langa

A guided tour that drives guests to discover the hundreds of aromatic herbs of the greenhouse and the intensive organic garden of the resort. The team of gardeners of Casa di Langa, who speak four foreign languages fluently, is available for an enchanting walk in the greenery of the structure, to tell and explain the genesis of the project and the wonders of nature.

The vegetable garden and the greenhouse are supervised by Luigi Merlo assisted by Bruno Dor, who take care of the green of the entire resort: from the orchard to the plants of the terraces, from the gardens surrounding the hotel to the terraces of the rooms, in which the green of the ivy and the yellow of the helichrysum alternate, the blue of the flestuca glauca and the green of the scented santoreggia.

The team of gardeners of Casa di Langa has also created a series of palisades of small fruits and edible shrubs, thanks to research work with nurserymen throughout Italy, while about 180 aromatic plants and edible flowers have been planted next to the restaurant. selecting ancient and non-ancient seeds.

The garden counts almost 3,000 sqm, and it is bordered by an edible hedge of yellow and black raspberries, thornless blackberries and other small fruits, thus preventing the entry of wild animals.

We have also created a series of permanent benches, following the principle of synergistic agriculture, where we are growing asparagus of different varieties, remontant strawberries of ancient varieties and edible flowers. Finally, the construction of an artichoke field is planned.

The garden and the greenhouse serve three departments of Casa di Langa, in addition to the Fàula Ristorante, the Sorì Cocktail Bar, which uses herbs and flowers for its infusions, and the Lelòse Spa, for the creation of flavored waters and infusions.