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Casa di Langa, the prestigious sustainable luxury resort nestled in the enchanting Langhe region, now offers a professional vacation photography service to preserve the magical moments of your stay.

Upon reservation, a professional photographer will capture smiles, laughter, and the enchantment of sunsets, creating everlasting memories of an unforgettable experience in Alta Langa.

Photo Shoot in Langhe

Elevate your memories with our professional photo shoot service. Our photographer will be at your disposal to capture the most special moments of your stay at Casa di Langa.

If you wish to bring home a piece of Casa di Langa, our photographer will capture unique and impactful pictures that will be your cherished treasures to keep forever.

Breathtaking Landscapes for your Langhe Photo Shoot

Located in the Langhe region, Casa di Langa Resort offers breathtaking landscapes that will serve as the backdrop for your unforgettable photos.

From the rolling hills covered in vineyards to picturesque villages, every corner exudes the beauty and elegance that will make your memories even more special.

Photo Shoot Details

We offer our esteemed guests the dedicated service of professional “Wall Art” photography, capturing unique and impactful shots.

To ensure availability, we recommend booking the photography service in advance during your stay. In addition to receiving digital copies of the photos, we also provide the option to have them printed on high-quality paper. These prints can be conveniently delivered to your home, allowing you to preserve your memories in a tangible and enduring form.

Moreover, our resort provides an abundance of experiences to cater to your preferences and ensure an unforgettable stay: indulge in a cocktail with a breathtaking view, embark on a hot air balloon ride, engage in a round of golf, rejuvenate at our wellness center, or savor the exquisite dishes prepared by our Executive Chef at Fàula Restaurant.