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Sustainable Experiences

At Casa di Langa we offer our guests unique sustainable experiences that are deeply rooted in nature.


By incorporating such experiences within our offer, we promote responsible and conscious tourism, where each guest can become a witness and participant in an authentic model of sustainability.

A Journey into the Green: The Kitchen Garden and Greenhouse

The team of expert gardeners will guide you through an enchanting itinerary, from visiting the bio-intensive vegetable garden to discovering the aromatic greenhouses, where biodiversity and sustainability come together in an eco-sustainable project of excellence.


With almost 3,000 square metres of dedicated land, Casa di Langa’s vegetable garden is a true green sanctuary, bordered by a comestible hedge that protects a variety of small fruits and edible flowers, cultivated according to the principles of synergic agriculture.


This green space enriches the culinary proposals of the Ristorante Fàula and provides the herbs to prepare the infusions of the Sorì Cocktail Bar and the wellness treatments of the Lelòse Spa.

Discovering the Woods of the Alta Langa

The eco-sustainable experience at Casa di Langa extends beyond the vegetable garden and greenhouse where guests can explore the authentic heart of our territory through new nature trails (available in autumn).


This immersive adventure will take you to discover the Alta Langa forest, an ecosystem where flora, fauna and the fungal kingdom coexist in perfect harmony. From the stories of the cherry and hazelnut trees, witnesses of a long natural and cultural history, to the secret charm of the truffle park, every step is an opportunity to learn and marvel.


Guided by a team of gardeners, you will discover the secret relationships between plants and mushrooms and the genesis of one of our territory’s most precious products: the truffle.

April - October

October - April