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Allow our team of skilled gardeners at Sustainable Hotel in Langhe to accompany you on a delightful stroll and guided tour amidst the lush greenery of our grounds. They will unveil the genesis of our project and the marvels of nature.

This journey will lead you through a symphony of scents as you discover the myriad of aromatic herbs thriving in our greenhouse and the bio-intensive garden nestled in our estate in the heart of Alta Langa, in the lower Piedmont region.

The “Casa di Langa” gardening team has meticulously fashioned exquisite trellises adorned with small fruits and edible shrubs. Adjacent to the esteemed Fàula Restaurant, a selection of 180 aromatic plants and edible flowers, including heirloom varieties, grace our grounds.

The Garden and Greenhouse of Casa di Langa

Under the skilled guidance of Luigi Merlo and the support of the garden team, the verdant landscape of our resort flourishes. From the orchard to the terrace, from the hotel gardens to the balconies of our guest rooms, ivy’s emerald green leaves entwine with the golden hues of everlasting flowers, while the blue fescue grass dances alongside the fragrant greenery of savory.

Spanning nearly 3,000 square meters, our meticulously tended garden is embraced by an edible hedge of luscious yellow and black raspberries, thornless blackberries, and other small fruits, which ensures protection from the intrusion of wildlife.

Moreover, we have embraced the principles of synergistic agriculture, crafting permanent raised beds that are now home to various asparagus varieties, heritage strawberries, edible flowers and other culinary treasures typical of Langhe. Exciting plans are underway for an artichoke field, enhancing our food and wine experiences even further.

The herbs and flowers of our garden and greenhouse are essential elements that enrich three distinct experiences at Casa di Langa. Not only do they captivate our esteemed guests at the Fàula Restaurant, but also inspire the exquisite creations at the Sorì Cocktail Bar, with expertly crafted infusions. For the ultimate wellness experience, indulge in the aromatic waters of our prestigious Lelòse Spa.