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The trails in the woods of Alta Langa are an enchanted place, a magical realm where untamed nature harmoniously intertwines with sustainable luxury, giving rise to Casa di Langa.

Our resort offers you a gateway to explore the breathtaking beauty of this region on foot. Traverse our hiking routes in Langhe, leading you through mesmerizing landscapes, vineyard-laden hills, and ancient forests where the timeless art of truffle hunting still thrives. Prepare to be amazed by the inspiring views that unfold before you at every turn.

Whether you are a trekking enthusiast or looking for a leisurely walk in Langhe, our hiking itineraries are among the most cherished experiences by our guests. Discover the enchantment of walking while enjoying the fresh air and being enveloped by the tranquility of nature.

Embark on a thrilling adventure as you explore our routes, each one personally curated by our knowledgeable local staff. Lose yourself in the captivating allure of Langhe, immersing yourself fully in its charme.

Trails and Walks in Langhe

Casa di Langa offers two trails in Langhe, designed by our gardener Luigi Merlo. These two walks take place in the coolness of two distinct woods on the property, surrounded by majestic trees and lush shrubs, accompanied by the song of birds and charmed by the spontaneous vegetation of Alta Langa.

“Cherry Tree Forest” Route

The first trail, approximately half an hour long, leads to the marvelous Cherry Tree Forest, half a hectare of white and gray poplars, walnut trees, and ancient cherry trees planted between 50 and 80 years ago. In spring, they bloom first, creating an incredible view of a graceful expanse of delicate white flowers. This panorama becomes even more awe-inspiring when admired from the heights of a hot air balloon.

Here, it is possible to spot badger dens and traces of roe deer, foxes, hares, and other wildlife in the area, as well as observe the countless bird species that inhabit this place.

“Alta Langa Forest” Route

The second trail, approximately a 25-minute walk, takes you to fairytale woods, the Alta Langa Forest, where imposing trees provide green shelter and coolness.

It is an impressive place to stroll among maples, beeches, chestnut trees, the now rare elms and ash trees—a forest that represents Alta Langa and its majestic trees, reaching heights of up to 20 meters. And there are also viburnum, asparagus, shrubs, and countless species of wild flora.

Click the button below to view and download the map of the “Cherry Tree Forest” trail:

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After completing your walk in Langhe, you can choose from numerous food and wine experiences offered by our establishment: sip a cocktail while enjoying an aperitif with a view of the vast hills of Alta Langa, taste local wines with a personalized wine tasting from our cellars, or indulge in the exquisite dishes of the Fàula Restaurant.

For a romantic getaway or a weekend in Langhe, discover our personalized stay packages with special offers, including wellness packages with private access to our Lelòse Spa.