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Paths in the woods: the magic of nature in the Alta Langa

There are two trails offered by Casa di Langa and designed by the gardener Luigi Merlo, two walks in the coolness of two distinct woods on the property, surrounded by imposing trees and green shrubs, enlivened by birdsong and enchanted by the spontaneous vegetation of the Alta Langa.

The first trail, which takes about half an hour, leads to the wonderful Cherry trees Forest, half a hectare of white and gray poplars, walnuts and ancient cherry trees planted between 50 and 80 years ago, which blossom first in spring, giving the seen an expanse of graceful white flowers. Here it is possible to spot burrows of badgers and traces of roe deer, foxes, hares and other wildlife in the area, and observe the countless ornithological species that live here.

The second trail, about 25 minutes on foot, gets to a fairytale forest, forest Alta Langa, where the imposing trees offer green shelter and coolness. An enchanted place where you can stroll among maple, beech, chestnut trees, among the now rare elms and ash trees, a forest that represents the Alta Langa and its majestic trees, which reach up to 20 meters in height. And then viburnums, asparagus, shrubs and countless species of wild flora.

Take a look and download here the map:

Cherry trees Forest