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Truffle Hunting in Langhe

The history of Truffle Hunting in the Langhe region is both fascinating and extensive. Revered for its unique flavor and rarity, the practice of truffle hunting with trained dogs dates back to the Middle Ages.

Over time, this activity became increasingly popular, and today it is one of the most beloved experiences for guests staying at our Sustainable Hotel, Casa di Langa.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the ancient and challenging art of truffle hunting.

Accompanied by expert truffle hunters and their Lagotto dogs (an Italian breed known for their exceptional truffle-hunting abilities), you’ll embark on an extraordinary journey to discover the coveted white and black gems of the Piedmont region.

Truffle in Langhe and Where to Eat It

Truffle is among the most prized delicacies worldwide and a cornerstone of refined Italian cuisine.

In Langhe, the history of the precious truffle is intertwined with the gastronomic heritage of the Piedmont region, contributing to defining its identity and peculiarities.

At our Fàula Ristorante, you will be delighted by the unmistakable aromas of truffle used to enrich and enhance a variety of dishes, elevating the essence of local cuisine.

Moreover, truffle is the perfect complement to our exclusive wine tastings, allowing guests to discover and savor the unique oenological creations of the territory.

Please note that it takes about 15 minutes to get to the truffle area and about 25 minutes to return from the same area.
This experience is a trekking activity of about 250 -meter elevation.