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Yoga, Pilates & Shiatsu

Wellness at Casa di Langa includes the exclusive activities dedicated to our guests, that are yoga and pilates classes and shiatsu treatments, for both body and mind. The activities can be carried out both in the dedicated spaces inside the resort and, in the warm season, outdoor, surrounded by the greenery and the vineyards of the Alta Langa region.

Yoga classes are either for solo, couples or groups and take place in Villa Agreste rooms, with its large windows overlooking the valley, or on its terrace, when the weather allows. Classes are led by experienced instructors, who practice different types of yoga, from classical to Vinyasa-influenced ones that involve a more dynamic and fluid style of movement, combined with breath.

Pilates is a real workout aimed toward strengthening the body and becoming aware of it. Concentration, control, flow and breath are the key words behind the targeted exercises that improve the posture and balance, for a complete physical well-being.

Shiatsu, on the other hand, descends from an ancient Eastern discipline based on the principles of traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu seeks to restore the energy balance of the body through specific body pressures that tap into the individual’s own vital resources. A body manipulation that restores the entire energy system.