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Fàula: Restaurant in Langhe


Fàula, meaning “tale” in local Langhe dialect, is an homage to the region’s age-old tradition of families and friends spending quality time together sharing stories.

Fàula Restaurant: our Gourmet Proposal

Overlooking the vineyards is Fàula Ristorante, led by the young and talented Chef Daniel Zeilinga, who takes care of the full catering offer, from breakfast to after-dinner drinks. A contemporary cuisine that focuses on the best local products.

For our Piedmontese Restaurant in Langhe the Chef has studied an entirely green menu, dedicated to the precious raw materials of the garden, managing to create dishes of incredible delicacy that enhance the vegetable element.

Biodynamic Garden and Greenhouse

Next to the Restaurant is a biodynamic garden tended by gardener Luigi Merlo and by the Chef himself. Here they have planted different varieties of vegetables, edible flowers and herbs, ancient seeds, tomatoes and cabbage … Alongside the vegetable garden there is a greenhouse for more aromatic plants.

These two dedicated points serve three departments of the facility – at Sorì Cocktail Bar, herbs and flowers are used for infusions and drinks, LelòSe Spa prepares flavored waters and infusions, and finally, the ingredients are at the heart of the Fàula menu.

Langhe Restaurant: Info and Reservations

Casa di Langa welcomes your pets at the Resort, depending on availability. Small dogs are welcome at our typical Restaurant in Ceretto Langhe, upon request during the booking process. Thank you.


Hours & Contact

Daniel Zeilinga

only Saturdays
12:00pm – 3:00pm

only Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
12:30pm – 2:00pm

from Monday to Sunday
7:30pm – 09:45pm

For reservations of more than 7 people, please contact events@casadilanga.com.

T. (+39) 0173 520 520

michelin 2023

Lo Chef di Fàula, il Ristorante nelle Langhe

Our Chef

Daniel Zeilinga

In 1989, Daniel Zeilinga was born in Merano, in the province of Bolzano.

At eighteen, he began his experience in haute cuisine working alongside chef Karl Baumgartner at the Schoneck restaurant in Falzes, and abroad at the Louis C. Jacob Hotel in Hamburg, Germany, which was awarded the second Michelin star in 2011.

The Discovery of Piedmontese Products

The following year, Zeilinga came back to Italy and landed at La Ciau del Tornavento in Treiso (CN), one Michelin star with the chef Maurilio Garola, where he began his exploration the Piedmont area. After a brief stop at the Guido di Fontanafredda restaurant, Enrico Crippa’s call arrived at the three Michelin-starred Piazza Duomo restaurant in Alba, where Daniel spent almost two years: “a highly educational experience both on a human and professional level”. Chef Zeilinga looks at Crippa with respect and, thanks to him, developed a strong interest and insight into the use of raw vegetables, which led him to create a green tasting menu and to build a vegetable garden and a greenhouse for the winter.

The experience at Casa di Langa

Starting in March 2017, he embarked on a new adventure alongside Andrea Ribaldone at the Osteria Arborina, which was awarded a Michelin star in November of that year.

In March 2019 he returned to La Ciau Del Tornavento, and in the meantime he joined Casa Di Langa.

Since the spring of 2022, Chef Daniel Zeilinga has been the executive chef of Fàula Ristorante at Casa Di Langa, and leads the entire culinary offering of the restaurant and of the entire resort.





We invite you to try a gastronomic experience with a 5-course vegetarian menu designed by the Chef and his team according to the season and the products of our garden.


Euro 100,00
The menu is recommended for the whole table


Wine pairing – 5 glasses
Euro 60,00





Oyster, yuzu and madernassa pear cider


Red raw tuna, radicchio and ponzu sauce


Snails, mushrooms and parsley


Pennone rigato, parmigiano vacche rosse, barolo grappa and black truffle


Sirloin steak, teriyaki sauce and leeks


Figs, caramelized peanuts and honey ice cream


Euro 120,00
The menu is recommended for the whole table


Wine pairing – 6 glasses
Euro 80,00









Red raw tuna, radicchio and ponzu sauce – 32,00 Euro


Rabbit, lettuce and bell pepper – 30,00 Euro


Scallops, jerusalem artichoke and pomegranate – 32,00 Euro



First Courses


Agnolotti del plin with three roasted meats – 30,00 Euro


Guinea fowl and chestnut “tortello” with onion and root broth – 32,00 Euro


Risotto with red mullet – 34,00 Euro



Main Courses


Mediterranean catch, acidulated butter and salsify – 42,00 Euro


Wild guinea fowl, liver and fiolaro broccoli – 40,00 Euro


Roasted venison saddle, red cabbage and celeriac – 40,00 Euro





3 Pieces – 16,00 Euro


6 Pieces – 22,00 Euro





Apple pie, whipped cream and ice cream – 16,00 Euro


Hazelnut cylinder, caramel chocolate mousse – 16,00 Euro


Figs, caramelized peanuts and honey icecream – 16,00 Euro


Autumn sweet garden – 16,00 Euro



Sweet Wines By The Glass


La Spinetta – “Bricco Quaglia” Moscato d’Asti – 7,00 Euro


Malvirà – “Renesium”, da Uve Stramature – 8,00 Euro


Forteto Della Luja- “Piàsa Rischei” Passito di Moscato 2018 – 18,00 Euro


Margherita Otto – Barolo Chinato – 12,00 Euro