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Wine Bar in Langhe

The Casa di Langa Hotel boasts various culinary experiences, including the exclusive Sorì Cocktail Bar, where expert bartenders create handcrafted cocktails using high-quality ingredients. Each glass is prepared with care and precision to provide our guests with an unforgettable moment.

Tasting in Langhe

Welcome to the Sorì Cocktail Bar, where the art of mixology meets a unique sensory experience. Our cocktails stand out for their originality and reinterpretation, making them true masterpieces of flavour. We put commitment and passion into every glass, using only the finest ingredients and the most exclusive recipes. Upon request, served drinks can be accompanied by a range of delicious snacks made from local products.

The Sorì Cocktail Bar is designed to provide a soothing and sophisticated atmosphere, thanks to its soft lighting and modern design. It is the ideal place for those wishing to enjoy a pleasant Tasting in Langhe while sipping wine from our winery, as recommended by the Wine Concierge.

Take a Coffee Break

We are proud to offer our guests a complete experience that goes beyond simple cocktails.

Sip a glass of wine, order a drink or enjoy a relaxing break in front of Sorì‘s electric water fireplace. Our offer also includes a selection of Piedmontese beers, soft drinks and coffee products.

There is no better way to continue the day than with a coffee break in Langhe, surrounded by the beauty of the territory. A creamy and aromatic espresso, accompanied by one of our desserts, is just what you need to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation. On the other hand, if you prefer a fragrant herbal tea, our selection of infusions and teas will surprise you with pleasant fragrances.

The Flavours of Casa di Langa

At our Hotel, we strive every day to create an authentic experience of taste and pleasure, through which guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of Langhe from breakfast onwards.

But our culinary offer does not stop at the Sorì: if you want to extend your trip to lunch or dinner, don’t miss the gastronomic proposal of our Fàula Ristorante. Here you can enjoy the delicacies of local cuisine, accompanied by fine wines from the region; all expertly served by our chefs.



Hours & Contact

11:00am to midnight, daily





Cocktails created with care by our bartenders using local ingredients.


Negroni Piemontese    –    17,00 Euro

Bordiga Occitan gin, Bordiga sweet vermouth, Acobia bitters        


Alta Langa Spritz    –    15,00 Euro

Rizzi Alta Langa, Contratto Aperitivo, soda


Manhattan by Casa di Langa    –    16,00 Euro

Michter ’s US Small Batch Rye, Carpano antica formula, Angostura bitters


50/50 Martini    –    15,00 Euro

Bordiga Occitan gin, Bordiga extra dry vermouth


Genziana Rickey    –    20,00 Euro

Engine gin, gentian liqueur, fresh lime juice, soda


Tempesta    –    15,00 Euro

Gosling’s rum, Ramazzotti, ginger beer


The Cesare 1881    –    20,00 Euro

Bulleit Bourbon, Pio Cesare chinato, Bordiga Aperitivo


Italia 61’    –    19,00 Euro

Ginnic gin, Rizzi Alta Langa, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup


Gin & Tonica    –    16,00 Euro

Elena Gin, tonic water, lime


Baci di Rosa    –    15,00 Euro

Monte Alban Mezcal, Cocchi Storico vermouth, orange bitters







Pi greco – blonde, fresh, light, soft    –    8,00 Euro

Beta – amber, rich, sweet spice and floral    –    8,00 Euro

Epsilon – red, caramel and red fruit.    –    8,00 Euro




Zeus extra IPA – amber, rich, double malt    –    8,00 Euro

Afrodite PILS – light, sour and well-balanced flavor, hints of spice    –    8,00 Euro




Runa – hints of orange blossom, peach, apricot, pear    –    8,00 Euro

Bran – dark, roasted hints, soy sauce, mocha coffee, tobacco, licorice     –    8,00 Euro

Rurale amber, with hints of fruit, biscuit, caramel, spices, ginger    –    8,00 Euro





Coca-Cola    –    7,00 Euro


Cola-Cola Zero    –    7,00 Euro


Lurisia beverages    –    6,00 Euro


Peach tea    –    5,00 Euro


Lemon tea    –    5,00 Euro


Red Sanbitter    –    4,00 Euro


Crodino    –    4,00 Euro


Achillea fruit juices    –    5,00 Euro





Crema Ottocento Vergnano Caffè Espresso    –    4,00 Euro

Cappuccino    –    8,00 Euro

La Via del Tè infused herbal tea selection    –    8,00 Euro

La via del Tè tea selection    –    10,00 Euro




At Sori cocktail bar, we have purified drinking water and purified sparkling drinking water available upon request.