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The Breakfast



It is the first service of the day, the first pampering of the morning dedicated to our guests, at Fàula Ristorante, where the kitchen team led by chef Daniel Zeilinga is the architect of the proposals created every day to offer a unique experience in the Alta Langa. Everything starts from the territory and from the research of zero km raw materials, which are the basis of the very fresh and home-made products of the buffet.

From hot baked croissants to be filled with delicious creams created by the chef, to freshly made juices and smoothies based on healthy and local ingredients, up to the à la carte offer that amazes with the discovery of the cuisine of the Fàula Ristorante even at breakfast.

Our breakfast is different, because the sandwich bread and the focaccia you will find on the table are homemade, as are the yoghurt and the delicious sweets that rotate according to the seasons. It is different because the savory offer is based on the variety of excellent products selected from the best producers of the Alta Langa and Piedmont. Because the commitment to sustainability that distinguishes Casa di Langa is also reflected in the anti-waste philosophy of the restaurant and its breakfast: the buffet is designed to satisfy and tickle any palates and needs, but without overdoing it, there is nothing useless, but every ingredient, creation and product has been selected and chosen to offer a gastronomic journey in the area and a tailor-made experience for each guest.