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The Local Products


Peasant knowledge and gastronomic talents. The meeting of two arts: agriculture and cooking, united by care and respect for Mother Earth and the raw material. This is the philosophy chosen by chef Daniel Zeilinga for Fàula. A sensory, holistic journey that begins through the Alta Langa and, more generally, the Piedmont. A journey that meets peasants, farmers, cheesemakers, breeders and all those who know how to interpret and translate the heritage of a biodiverse land by nature.


Fàula is, once again, synonymous with sustainability because good at bringing to the plate the efforts of those who have chosen, putting absolute quality before everything. This is the only way to nourish a virtuous circuit, for the present and the future. The kitchen, today even more, has a fundamental role: to support good supply chains, from the land through men, to the plate. Just as Fàula has chosen.


Each ingredient, selected by chef Daniel Zeilinga, carries a story, right with the land and animals. All companies, as well as suppliers, are ambassadors of the territory and of the authentic flavors. Naturally at zero km.


Together, Fàula contributes, with responsibility, to the creation of a virtuous circuit: real, from the land to the table.

Products and Producers

Fresh butter and dairy products, buttermilk, cream

I Segreti di Carla Burrificio

8 km (Bossolasco) from Casa di Langa

Eggs from Livornese hens raised in nature

Cascina Mana

47 km (Monasterolo di Savigliano) from Casa di Langa

Traditional wine vinegar

Gli aceti di Cesare Giaccone

8 km (Albaretto della Torre) from Casa di Langa

Hazelnuts and semi-finished products

Cascina Valcrosa

10 km (Lequio Berria) from Casa di Langa

Erbalatte, whole milk from symbiotic agriculture

La Corte s.s.

35 km (Monasterolo di Savigliano) from Casa di Langa

Goat cheese

Lo Puy

60 km (Valle Maira) from Casa di Langa

Meat of local fassona breed

Macelleria Boasso

6 km (Gallo Grinzane) from Casa di Langa

Vegetable sprouts in hydroponics


12 km (La Morra) from Casa di Langa

White meat, poultry and Piedmontese gray rabbit

Mazzocchi Carni

10 km (Barolo) from Casa di Langa

Goat and sheep cheese

Pascoli di Amaltea

20 km (Mombarcaro) from Casa di Langa



11 km (Monforte d’ Alba) from Casa di Langa

Flours and Cereals

Mulino Sobrino

20 km (La Morra) from Casa di Langa