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An Eco-Friendly Easter of Taste and Relaxation

Casa di Langa invites you to an exclusive experience to celebrate Easter and Easter Monday together. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable stay in the Langhe that combines relaxation, gastronomy, and nature.


An exclusive gastronomic experience with a special Easter Lunch menu, accompanied by a a glass of Alta Langa sparkling wine and a small surprise gift.


For a more unique Easter Monday, upon request and availability, you can participate in our truffle hunt group. An outdoor trekking adventure that will allow you to explore the natural beauties of our lands.


Casa di Langa wishes to offer you moments of pure happiness, gastronomy, relaxation and outdoor experiences in an eco-sustainable resort enjoying refined hospitality.

Easter 2024: Discover our Sustainable Menu

Your gastronomic journey begins with a welcoming Welcome Canapè, setting the stage for the delights that await.


The first course, a sophisticated Poached Egg from Savigliano, will surprise you with its combination of chicory, fava beans and hazelnuts, ingredients that highlight the authentic flavors of our region.


Next, you will enjoy a Grilled Albenga Artichoke, served with a Beurre Blanc sauce that seamlessly blends tradition with culinary innovation.


The centerpiece of our Easter menu is a Risotto with Wild Herbs and Smoked Eel, capturing the essence of the wild herbs of the Langhe and the unique flavor of eel, for a dish rich in history and taste.


The Milk-fed Lamb from the Piedmont valleys, accompanied by glazed Santena Asparagus, pays tribute to the gastronomic wealth of Piedmont, offering an unmatched taste experience.


You will conclude your Easter lunch with a Pistacchio Cream, paired with Raspberry and Elderflower Sorbet, a sweet finale that delights the senses and celebrates spring with its fresh and vibrant flavors.


Welcome Canapè
Poached egg from Savigliano with Chicory, Fava Beans and Hazelnuts
Grilled Albenga Artichoke and Beurre Blanc Sauce
Risotto with Wild Herbs and Smoked Eel
Local milk fed lamb and Santena asparagus
Pistacchio, Raspberry and Elderflower Sorbet

(€ 95 per person)